boat costWhats does boating cost?

The comparison below shows the boat cost of size corresponding to our Comfort Class, in Pampas marina in Stockholm.

In the example we compare the cost of a new boat where the yard does some maintenance, but not everything. Buying a used boat and having it at a boat club will be cheaper. However, remember that there are working days at the club, night shift, pick up and launch, and you do all maintenance yourself. And old boats break apart. Anytime! If you think the maintenance costs on turns are expensive, then it’s nothing compared to their repair prices!


ExpensOwn boatRent boatShare boat
Summer docking   8.000SEK0SEK0SEK
Winter storage 16.000SEK0SEK0SEK
Insurance   4.000SEK0SEK0SEK
Engine service   5.500SEK0SEK0SEK
Antifouling, wax, etc.   4.000SEK0SEK0SEK
Loan and credit*43.680SEK0SEK0SEK
Rent 4 weeks0SEK 40.000SEK0SEK
Membership Comfort0SEK0SEK 37.000SEK
Annual cost81.180SEK40.000SEK37.000SEK

* Based on boat price 420,000SEK, 20% cash, 3% interest rate and 10 year installment.
If the boat is paid in cash, you should count on an annual value reduction instead of about 10% / year.

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